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What Works Better to Increase Penis Size Faster

The truth is that enlarging the penis is not a thing that you can do as quickly as some ads and offerings make you believe. Therefore, if you’re looking for some “special” technique that can quickly increase the penis, you will not find one here. Here you will find techniques that work efficiently in the medium/ long term, but are natural, effective and free from any side effects.

Is it possible to increase the penis quickly?

Is it possible to increase the penis quickly
Is it possible to increase the penis quickly

Let me guess… You’re looking for a way to quickly increase your penis, you are looking for exercises, pills or some other technique that can add some inches to your penis in a few weeks, or perhaps in two, three months?

We all do. But the truth is that enlarging the penis is not a thing that you can do as quickly as some ads and offerings make you believe. Therefore, if you’re looking for some “special” technique that can quickly increase the penis, you will not find one here… neither here nor anywhere elsewhere for that matter (except surgery).

Here you will find techniques that work efficiently in the medium/ long term (at least 4 to 6 months), but are natural, effective and free from any side effects. It takes time and patience to change anything in your life, and the penis is not an exception. So keep reading…

Many men believe in increasing the penis without having a clear idea of what that takes in terms of persistence and effort, and so they quit because things don’t work as they planned.

Obviously, there are tons of ways to increase your penis and each one presents different results in terms of time and efficiency and, even though some can quickly increase your penis, there is no miracle, contrary to what many men deceitfully believe in when they search online.

To enlarge your penis quickly, you need to combine some processes so that they complement each other, achieving a fast enlargement.

In order to quickly increase the penis, you need to combine some techniques so that they complement each other, achieving a fast enlargement. Not a single one of them, by itself, provides quick results, but if you combine two or three processes to increase the penis together you may be able to enlarge the penis much faster than what you imagine.

Taking into consideration that increasing the penis is an endurance test for any man, if you want to quickly increase your penis, you have to follow specific procedures and remain loyal to them until you have achieved the results ambitioned and, only after that, you can stop doing them, because the gains will be permanent.

The time needed depends on the techniques to increase the penis that you rely on, the way you combine them, your determination and, of course, your anatomy and DNA. Nevertheless, we will thoroughly explain to you 3 quite simples’ methods to increase the penis, which will deliver results very quickly.

They do not require challenging exercises every day, which very few men have the patience to do properly, nor some other bizarre things that are more dangerous than efficient.

exercises to increase the penis
exercises to increase the penis

Albeit the exercises to increase the penis are the most advertised penis enlargement method on the internet, probably because it’s quite easy to make a manual with half a dozen supposedly special exercises and sell it quickly, did you that only about 6% of men can do them from start to finish and obtain effective and permanent results?

More than 70% of men give up even before the 60-day hallmark, because they cannot establish a routine of exercises, doing it on a daily basis; day after day, for more than 200 days, is not something that any man has the proper patience to accomplish.

And, this is only for simple and indeed effective exercises, because most of the manuals for sale on the internet are extremely complicated to make people believe that they have great quality, but, in fact, they are poorly efficient.

However, why are we talking about exercises when what we want to tell has nothing to do with them? Well… First of all, we are cutting what does not work, or at least the things that do not work as well as the tons of internet information claim to, so that you can then focus your attention and determination on what we are about to tell you.

Other things that don’t work, and that may even be dangerous when used inappropriately, are the air or water pumps, hanging weights on the penis and using other instruments to stretch the penis that are unorthodox to say the least.


What works well for increasing the penis quickly?

Pills and penis extenders. Basically speaking, these are the two things that work efficiently, while being safe and natural. Whereas extenders work slowly but may be able to display definite and permanent results only by themselves, pills are faster but need “help” to offer satisfactory and fast results.

Penis extenders
Penis extenders

Penis extenders are based on the principle of traction. A strength that basically stretches the penis over several months at a slow pace, usually 6 months, until it reaches the length ambitioned.

It’s the same principle of the exercises, the difference is these are conducted during approximately one hour, applying brute strength to force the ligaments and tissues of the penis to react, multiplying its cells due to the micro-cracks created, while the extenders apply a gentler and lengthier strength to the penis, until the same goal is attained.

The extenders must be used for about six hours per day, both underneath comfortable clothing during the day, or in the evening. But, of course, the extenders are much simpler to use (five minutes to apply and adjust the strength of the extension and two minutes to remove it), and much safer than the exercises that, when chaotically done or performed with excessive strength (often due to hurry), can seriously affect the penis, even distorting it.

The the natural pills made up of herbs work precisely the opposite way. They use the dilation of the penile tissue to create the enlargement envisioned. The penis enlargement pills use the blood strength when there is an erection to enlarge the organ tissues, thus quickly increasing the penis size.

However, this fast increase only occurs when there is an erection. If you want to increase the penis permanently, you need to use the pills for a few months, so that the swelling caused by the forced entry of blood end up dilating the penile tissue permanently.

The penis pills need you to create an erection. Several erections per day to ensure that the ingredients dilate the tissues and achieve your goal faster.

And that’s the moment when they need your help to work properly and quickly. They need you to create an erection. Several erections per day to ensure that the ingredients, combined with the strength of the erection, dilate the tissues and achieve your goal.

The way you use to get an erection is irrelevant, as long as you fuel one, keeping it for as long as possible. You can masturbate, have sex, massage the penis, etc. The ejaculation is irrelevant, even discouraged in this situation, because it ends the erection sooner than what is required.

Learn how to increase your penis size faster

You just need to follow three simple steps:

Learn how to increase your penis size faster
Learn how to increase your penis size faster

1) – Take two pills designed for penis enlargement. You need to be very careful with what you purchase; don’t buy fake ones that promise a quick penis increase, 5 or 6 centimeters in three or four weeks, and be even more careful with the counterfeits, because these, in addition to hurt your wallet, may even unleash very harmful effects to your health.

Many pills are ineffective and lots of them are fake, mainly the major brands that are sold on the market. To help you, we have created a list of the most efficient and safe pills. All you need to do is click on the links at the end of this article and choose one of those we recommend. You will be sure that you are picking a genuine and efficient product, discreetly delivered by mail through the hands of the official distributor.

2) – Fuel one or more erections every day, the bigger and longer, the better, as the effect of the pills will be enhanced. As already said, the method used to get the erections is irrelevant – you can simply caress yourself, discreetly massaging it while watching TV or when you are lying down, masturbate or have sex.

The stronger and longer the erection, the better, so reaching an orgasm is not advised, except when you have sex, of course.

3) – Use a penis extender for at least 4 to 6 hours per day. This method is optional but highly recommended. Although the extender does not have any effect on the effectiveness of the pills, it is a very effective method of quickly increasing the penis, and, since you use a penis enlargement method that is on the opposite end of the pills, they complement each other.

A penis extender is a method that achieves the increase by effectively dividing the cells, and the pills are the food that will make these new cells (and others) grow effectively, so both of them, when combined, are extremely effective.

IN SHORT: Take two pills per day, every day, use a penis extender as a complement and fuel the maximum number of erections possible throughout the day. This is the fastest way to increase the penis. To avoid being tricked, fill out the form below to know what we recommend. They are the best on the market!