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Secret Technique to Win Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

Knowing how to properly win your ex-boyfriend back is something much more complex than what it may seem at first and most women commit some massive mistakes, which, instead of helping them win their ex back, actually end up pushing them away.

Pampering your boyfriend, telling how much you like him or that your destiny is to be together is not enough, with that technique you will probably fail your goals.

You have to split the task of gaining your ex-boyfriend back in different stages, following each one correctly.

Does It Make Sense to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back?

After a breakup, our head is filled with mixed feelings. Apathy, sadness and hopelessness are the main ones, but there is also some hope lingering around, especially if the relationship didn’t end because you decided to.

Nevertheless, you need to ask yourself two essential questions to properly answer this question:

  • Do I really want to get my ex-boyfriend back?
  • Does it make sense to get my ex-boyfriend back?
Do I really want to get your ex-boyfriend back?
Do I really want to get your ex-boyfriend back?

You need to rationally think about the reason why you want to go back to your ex-boyfriend. Do you want to come back just because you feel alone, abandoned, without any hopes in terms of future love relationships, or do you want to go back to your ex-boyfriend because you actually still like him and you think there’s a good chance of sustaining a happy relationship in the future?

You must seriously think about the valid reasons that are compelling you to want to win your ex-boyfriend back and the chances of success involved.

The most obvious reason to get your ex-boyfriend back is that you love him and you can’t imagine yourself living without him. But do you really love your ex-boyfriend, or is it just an unconscious stubbornness about having him back, or a simple feeling of longingness and sadness?

Even if you happen to love your ex, you need to think about more objective reasons, after all, despite all the love that the relationship may still have to thrive on, can things work out down the road? Were you actually made for each other or the issues that led to that break up will reemerge and the relationship will fail in the future no matter what?

If you weren’t made for each other, the likelihood of successfully sustaining the relationship in the long run, regardless of the attraction you both for each other, or the love involved between both parties, is greatly reduced.

Nevertheless, I’m a firm believer that things only end when they do actually end and, when that end arrives, there will be no more doubts left, and you won’t even think about the chance of having your ex back. If you’re still suffering from that breakup and if there are still doubts in your mind and heart, you must try everything to regain your ex-boyfriend.

It goes without saying that you must think thoroughly about the reasons that support your decision, all of them and not just the emotional ones, such as the fact that, even though he is far from the perfect man, you will struggle to find someone better due to your own personality or some of his characteristics, or the possibility of depending on him from a financial standpoint. Everything must be pondered.

What are the Chances of Get your Ex-Boyfriend Back?

Chances of Get your Ex-Boyfriend Back
Chances of Get your Ex-Boyfriend Back

After reflecting on whether it makes sense to get your boyfriend back, if your answer is yes or if your head is still a whirlwind of hesitation, you must try to get him back but, first, you need to analyze the chances of success.

I can tell you that, if you really want to win him back, the chances of success are actually quite high, if you decide to follow an intricate plan instead of relying on your gut feelings. One of the guides we recommend at the bottom of this page will help you to get your ex-boyfriend back.

Obviously, the chances of success depend on different factors and these are the most prominent:

  • The longer your relationship was, the greater the chance of success is.
  • If your ex isn’t dating anyone yet, the odds are much better than if he already has targeted someone, nevertheless it’s still possible to win him back.
  • The older your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband, the higher the chances of success, since young people “move forward” more easily into another relationship.
  • If the relationship was good, but the breakup took place due to some specific issue or a heated argument, the chances of success are also high. Solving the issue can put an end to the breakup.
  • If the breakup was a consequence of repeated issues and never-ending arguments that kept accumulating over time, which eventually lead to the separation, the chances of getting your ex-boyfriend back will be narrower.
  • If you aren’t well-matched and the breakup took place because both sides stopped caring about the other, without intimacy, the odds are also low.

Nevertheless, the chance of success varies greatly from case to case and from person to person and, even though you are in the best position of all to assess the actual possibilities, taking into consideration your past together and the personalities of both, especially your ex’s, the truth is that life sometimes takes us by surprise and, if you go the extra mile to get your boyfriend back, chances are you’ll manage to get it, regardless of the circumstances.

Mistakes to Avoid when Winning Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

Longingness, the pain of separation, the feeling of loneliness and abandonment caused by an unexpected rupture can lead you to act mindlessly, making decisions that go against common sense.

These emotions make us think and act impulsively, making tiny mistakes that can jeopardize any chances of reconciliation. Nevertheless, it’s not that hard to avoid many of these mistakes, if you know what these are and how to act to circumvent them, but you’ll have a tough time doing everything by yourself.

You need expert help, because, when it comes to get your ex-boyfriend back, you cannot go for a “trial and error” approach, because you can lose him for good. There are many processes in which we can learn from our mistakes and go for another attempt, but this isn’t one of them. In this case, mistakes are costly and you must act properly right off the bat.

Here’s the list of key mistakes to be avoided:

mistakes to be avoided
mistakes to be avoided
  • Getting in touch quite often, by phone or social media, right after the breakup.
  • Insufficient or too much time with no contact at all.
  • Contact established at the wrong moment or time.
  • Poorly thought behaviors or words in the first meetings.
  • Neglect your own life, particularly your looks.
  • Recurring and constant declarations of love or dependency.
  • Arguing to impose your perspectives, even if they happen to be correct.
  • Inability to understand the true causes that led to rupture, failing to fix them before attempting to resume the relationship.
  • Lose faith or hope in achieving the planned goals.
  • Acting impulsively and skipping the steps you must follow, believing that, by doing it, you will get results faster.
  • Accepting the friendzone enforced by your boyfriend.
  • Lack of initiative or relying on random methods without any strategy.

These are the most common mistakes that women do when they attempt to reconquer their loved ones without a steady plan, and these must be avoided at all costs.

Of course, there are many more mistakes that you can fall into for a wide array of situations, which we try to avoid by helping you and giving you tips on how to behave, available in our guidebooks and, if you follow them minutely, you will avoid the vast majority of them or, at least, the most serious.

With proper self-control and discipline, you can circumvent the most common mistakes, following a technique that takes you straight to success. But you need to make an effort to follow the rules and control your emotions, you can’t allow an uncontrolled impulse to jeopardize everything, thanks to an ill-advised behavior or word. Avoid acting without thinking.

Each Breakup is Unique and Requires Different Techniques

All would be fine if there was a secret, one-size-fits-all technique that could tackle every situation, but there isn’t one, so each situation requires a different technique or an adaptation of each technique to that specific case.

Our guidebooks have been outlined to address the most common cases and will certainly be of great help, but you must know exactly the characteristics of your relationship and the reasons that led to your breakup, so that you can adapt them as much as possible to your case.

It’s actually quite common to see breakups motivated by banal things that can be easily solved, and then we have others that were motivated by more serious reasons, which require a specific technique to win your ex-boyfriend back.

In all, but especially in the latter, you must ascertain the characteristics of each to be successful and you must take some time to reflect on it before taking any steps.

The Secret Technique when it Comes to Get your Ex-Boyfriend Back

Secret Technique when it Comes to Get your Ex-Boyfriend Back
Secret Technique when it Comes to Get your Ex-Boyfriend Back

You must know that your relationship will never be exactly as it was before. To make things work, you need to win your ex back in a way that allows to you create a new and better relationship.

To achieve that, you need to create an attraction in your ex-boyfriend when he sees or talks to you again. The secret technique to get your ex-boyfriend back is to make him feel attracted to you once more.

Many people, when questioned about the law of attraction, talk exclusively about physical attraction and, although this is the first thing when two people get to know each other, attraction is much more than the looks, especially between two people who already know each other.

Attraction may be related to the physical appearance, the charisma someone has or conveys, the character, the intelligence and the way someone behaves in specific situations. Although physical attraction is the most important thing when two people get to know each other for the first time, as people increase their intimacy, other traits of personality can augment or decrease that initial attraction.

As you and your ex already know, attraction is the sum of all those attributes that you have or that you can learn to have in the future. Everything must be carefully pondered so that your ex-boyfriend feels attracted to you again, or to reignite the attraction he felt in the past.

How to Make Your Ex-Boyfriend Feel More Attracted To You

There are several ways to influence your own attraction levels and these are divided into three different parts: looks, personality and lifestyle, and each one must be worked on differently.


Even when we’re talking about two people who are already familiarized with each other, the looks are the first thing that pops up when it comes to resume a relationship. The first thing he will notice is your looks, so you must be flawless – properly groomed (nails, hair, the overall appearance), well dressed (preferably the way he prefers) and with a positive emotional outlook.

This is the first thing he will notice, which may stir good memories in him, memories of what you used to be like when you first met and fell in love with each other.

As time went by, you probably neglected your looks a bit, which is normal. You probably stopped caring about your appearance and put on a few pounds, you started to dress in a more practical and comfortable way, and ignored some important physical elements, such as hair, dye, etc. But, now that you want to win him back, you must shine every time he sees you, whether it’s a date or a casual meeting.

Personality and Self-control

Another important aspect is your personality and the way you react to different situations. If you’re unstable or if you get angry easily, you must tame that behavior in order to avoid an eruption, preventing yourself from saying anything that might jeopardize the date or that makes your boyfriend think about the reasons behind the breakup. If necessary, make an appointment with a doctor so that they can prescribe you some sedatives.


Lifestyle is the most complex part and the most demanding to change (if you need to, of course). If your lifestyle was radically different from your ex-boyfriend’s, you can try to balance your life to make it more attractive before his eyes.

Be yourself and not an imitation of something you’d like to be
Be yourself and not an imitation of something you’d like to be

You can try to adjust some of your behaviors to suit your ex’s personality. If he likes a quieter, homelike woman you can try to tame some of your impulses and become a quieter, calmer person.

On the other hand, if he tends to be fond of a more active woman, you may try to become a little more active in those areas, so that he sees you as a woman who is trying to match his lifestyle.

BUT BE CAREFUL: You must genuinely change and you can only do it with willpower and training. You must genuinely change your lifestyle, step by step, trying to be what you want to be.

Pretending won’t work for two simple reasons: he will find out that you aren’t being genuine and you’re only pretending to please him, even if that takes place after you resume your relationship, and you won’t feel good about yourself when you’re constantly faking to be someone else just to please another person.

Try your very best, but genuinely, because pretending to be something won’t work. Being genuine is always better, even if that’s not quite what he wants, than a life filled with lies that won’t last long.


The last step is to work on your personality as a whole, combining the three previous points. But be careful not to come up with a fictitious personality, xeroxed from someone else, because that won’t work either.

Your personality can change, you can improve on small things that you know you’re wrong, and this can help your lifestyle tremendously, leading to major changes in your overall behavior, both for you and for the people next to you, but your lifestyle must always come first. Be yourself and not an imitation of something you’d like to be.


Obviously, this is just a tiny input to help you get your ex-boyfriend back but, if you have read this whole article, you’re already a step ahead of most women, who do little or nothing to learn how to get their ex-boyfriends back, you have shown the willingness and an interest in learning, and that’s quite important.

Now, don’t lose that interest and don’t give up on achieving your goals. Read other articles on the same subject and try to check one of our guidebooks, which are quite affordable and will provide you with more thorough information and easier step-by-step guideline.