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Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make to Win Back Your Ex-Boyfriend

If you’re looking to know exactly how to get your ex-boyfriend back, you’re in the right place. I’ve helped many people exactly in your situation before, and believe me when I say there have been many relationships that seemed doomed to failure, but with the right information and guidance, differences can be sorted and relationships rebuilt.

So, you’ve broken up with your ex-boyfriend, and now you’re regretting it. You want some relationship help/ advice because now you’re realizing that he was the one for you and that you miss having him around. Every time you see his picture, your heart breaks and you start hating yourself for having driven him away.

Here’s where you have to make one of the most important decisions of your post-break up existence: should you resign yourself to losing him and move on, or should you stand your ground and try to get him back?

If you settle on winning your ex-boyfriend back, the first thing to do is take a deep breath and really assess the situation.

How to Get Your Ex-boyfriend Back
How to Get Your Ex-boyfriend Back

Look Inwards. Before you pick up your sword and shield and charge in to do battle in the name of love, stop and ask yourself this question: Why do I really want your ex-boyfriend back?

If your answer is that you are desperate, lonely and miserable without your ex-boyfriend and don’t think you can keep going on your own then you probably shouldn’t do anything just yet. Showing up to your ex’s house on your hands and knees, begging him to take you back is going to push him away even more.

Likewise, calling him constantly to apologize and declare your undying love for him isn’t going to work. Seeing you in pain will make him pity you, but it will not make him love you again . In fact, it will have opposite effect. Nothing is worse for someone trying to win an ex-lover back than said lover’s pity.

You also have to consider your own wellbeing too. Do you want him back simply because you are in the depths of your post-break up depression, or is there a deeper, more legitimate and mature reason for your decision?

How to Get Your Ex-boyfriend Back

It sucks doesn’t it? One minute you’re deeply in love with your guy, and you think he’s in love with you and everything’s going well, then the next minute, it’s all over!

Don’t make your ex jealous
Don’t make your ex jealous

Stay calm. You can still reunite you and your ex, and the relationship will be a heck of a lot better, if you avoid some mistakes and follow some of the steps I am about to show you.

These steps have worked repeatedly and they will be effective in your situation so long as you don’t make some critical mistakes!

After the heartache of a break up with your boyfriend, a cooling-off period can do you both a lot of good. However, you do not want to leave it too long. Once the memories of all the good times you had together start to disappear or if he meets another woman, you may have lost him for good.

To make sure that does not happen, here’s a step-by-step plan on how to get your ex-boyfriend back fast. But…

Avoid These Mistakes to Win Back Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

If you still have strong feelings for your ex, and you don’t want them moving on and falling in love with another girl, then you can’t make mistakes.

Do not assume that the blame is all yours

Sometimes when a relationship is over, at least one of the two people involved is still really in love and wants their ex back. They often try to blame the relationship breakdown all on themselves.

This is not cool, the relationship breakdown wasn’t all your fault, and being overly apologetic isn’t going to win them back anytime soon, you need to approach it from a different point of view.

Don’t make your ex jealous by trying to find other guy

Just do not do this! I see this happen again and again. Girls who have just come out of a relationship want to make their ex jealous by trying to find other guys to be with. This is so destructive and is not going to win your ex back. You’re only going to make them think less of you, driving them away for good.

Don’t call him and keep sending text messages all the time

The one thing that will defiantly not get your ex-boyfriend back is if you call him all the time and keep sending emails and text messages saying that you cannot live without him and pleading with him to reply.

This is a very common mistake girls make. You see, if you’re spilling your emotional guts all over the place and giving him no time to miss you, then the situation is not going to get any better. You cannot convince someone to love you out of logic.

If you have been doing this, then stop immediately and allow him some time on his own before contacting him again. Once you have given him a week or two to cool off, you have to carefully plan how you are going to get to see him again.

Time is your greatest ally to win back your ex

Take the time to get to know yourself before you start trying to win him back. Pull yourself together, basically. When you go back to reconnect with your ex, you want him to see a strong confident woman, who can take care of herself just fine. See you happy and independent will make him want you back much more than seeing you sad and pathetic.

If you come to him as a mature, grown woman, who has learned from her mistakes, then he will know that you want him back not because you’re depressed and emotionally needy, but because you have really given the situation a lot of thought.

You are truly sorry for the mistakes you made in the past and you want to be back together because you have finally realized that he is the one you want to be with for good.

Once you have done some soul-searching and decided that you want to give winning your ex back a shot, it’s time to make that first, reconciliatory move.

Your first instinct is probably going to be to tell your ex-boyfriend how much you love him and how you’ve thought it all through and you really want him back, that you’re sorry for all the mistakes you made and that you really want the relationship to work this time.

However, no matter how strong this urge might be, don’t do it. If you truly wish to win him back, the actions you are going to have to take are going to be pretty counter-intuitive.

Restraint is the name of the game. You can’t come on too strong when you first approach him again. Give him space. Don’t throw yourself at his feet and make it obvious that you’re trying to get your ex-boyfriend back.

Think about why your ex-boyfriend left you

Think about why your ex-boyfriend left you
Think about why your ex-boyfriend left you

When you first met, you and your boyfriend were very tolerant and patient for each other’s little eccentricities and quirks. But after you had been together for a while, perhaps you were not so patient all the time.

Maybe you began to take him for granted or you got a little too pushy or bossy from time to time. So, if you want get your ex-boyfriend back fast and, most importantly for good, you need to understand what made him leave in the first place.

Once you know what went wrong, you need to find a way to make sure it does not occur again. It is easy to find fault with his frustrating habits or poor communication skills that you feel may have caused tension in your relationship.

However, in the end you are responsible for your reactions to whatever he does. You are going to have to find a better way to deal with whatever he did that aggravated you or make a decision that maybe he was not the best man for you after all.

I doubt you chose your boyfriend by assessing the advantages and disadvantages of a potential relationship and critically analyzed lots of variables, did you?

Of course you didn’t, you make an emotional decision, something that you can’t convince someone to do. So stop trying to say that no other girl will “get” him like you do or anything like that.

You need to allow them to fall back in love with you.

Now, plan carefully the first contact with your ex-boyfriend

Suggest something fun and casual, like inviting him out with him some of your friends, to do something the two of you used to enjoy doing together.

However, when a relationship is in trouble or breaks up it is often very difficult to know what to do to get back with your ex.

Ok, so here we have discussed as you must approach him in the right way to achieve your desires and the mistakes that you should avoid at any cost if you want to get your ex-boyfriend back. Now…

What to do to win back the ex-boyfriend?

First of all, be the girl he fell in love with. Remember how fun you used to be when the two of you first started going out? One of the most important relationship questions you can ask yourself now is what changed?

Think back to those first months of the courtship: how were you different? Where you more willing to try new things? Maybe you had firmer career goals or were more motivated.

One of the best things you can do to rekindle a lost love is to remind your ex of how happy the two of you used to be. Ask him to hang out sometime, but do something totally casual. Maybe even make it a group thing.

The point is that you revisit some of the activities the two of you used to do when you first met. And while you’re out, show to your ex-boyfriend that you’re still pursuing your career goals and that you still like to try new things.

Always look your best. When you get comfortable in a relationship, you tend to let yourself go a little. You gain a few pounds and start walking around the house in your pajamas. Putting on make-up and getting dressed-up to go on a date starts becoming less and less of a priority.

However, when you are trying to win back your ex-boyfriend, it is essential that you start caring about your looks again. You have to show him, every time you see him, that you took the time to look your best for him.

That you care. Every time your ex-boyfriend sees you, you want him to remember why he loved you.

If he liked your hair a certain way, wear it that way for him. If he liked when you wore dresses, start wearing dresses for him. Look good for him specifically.

Stay Positive. It will be hard. You’ll feel like you’re losing him and you need to reach out and pull him towards you. Your mind will start doubting at times.

But no matter how scared or insecure you get, you have to stay calm and stay positive. Always put up a happy, positive vive when you’re around him. Being sad and depressed will only work against you. The more you fear losing him, the likelier you are to lose your ex-boyfriend.

To get your ex-boyfriend back you need to listen and be flexible

To get your ex-boyfriend back you need to listen and be flexible
To get your ex-boyfriend back you need to listen and be flexible

Once you do get to talk to him, let him do the complaining and you do the listening. That does not mean you should give in to all his demands, but at least listen to what he says before you leap in with your own defense or views.

Remember he had his reasons to leave the relationship and they may not be obvious to you. If you want to get your ex-boyfriend back fast and be a couple again, you will both need to compromise. One good technique to get him to talk is to ask if he would be willing to tell you what he thinks made the relationship breakdown so that you can learn from your mistakes.

However, to learn all the techniques, which will help you for sure; access our manual before you do anything stupid that ruin everything. To not do nothing wrong , that can ruin everything, access before our manual; before you do anything that messes things up.