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How to Increase Penis Size Using Herbs

If you want to increase the size of your penis without taking unnecessary risks, there are several natural herbs at your disposal, which will allow you to increase the blood flow in the penis to achieve a larger size when erect. These herbs increase the size of the penis by forcing more blood into the penis, meaning they allow larger and stronger erections that cause a temporary increase in penis size while maintaining an erection.

How do Herbs Work to Increase Penis

Over time, after several months regularly taking some of these herbs individually or a supplement consisting of them, the increase is made permanent by the dilation of the penile cells and is even noticed in the flaccid state. By then, if you are already satisfied with the results obtained, you may stop the treatment and keep the achieved enlargement.

It is much simpler than resorting to complex procedures such as penis enlargement exercises that no one is patient enough to do for the time required for permanent results (referring to exercises that have to be done daily for 6 or more months) or penile surgery that does not offset the risks with the little increase it offers. Isn’t it?

If you think so, keep on reading…

How to Increase Penis Size with Herbs

Korean Red Ginseng
Korean Red Ginseng

1) – One of the most used herbs for penile enlargement is Ginseng, mainly Korean Red Ginseng. One of the properties that its components offer is the increase of blood flow, which allows strong erections more quickly and therefore the real increase in penis size. This plant is also used by those who suffer from impotence, or have weak erections.

Although this plant can be taken in teas, boiled in water or milk, or milled powder, its effects are very strong and when taken in high doses can cause unpleasant side effects, so its consumption should be moderate.

2) – Another herb widely used to enlarge the penis is Ginkgo Biloba which also helps increase blood flow in the genital area and brain, so in addition to acting as a vasodilator also works as an aphrodisiac.

It is also an herb widely used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and memory improvement and just as the antecedent can be taken as tea or powder. It has the advantage of not being as toxic as the previous one, although it is also necessary to have controlled intake to avoid side effects.

3) – Another very common and known herb is the Peruvian Maca. It is well known for its aphrodisiac powers. It contains photochemical macamides and macaenes which increase the general energy and help men achieve strong erections that allow dilating the cavernous fields of the penis and thus help increase penis size naturally.

The best way to take the Maca is to grind it and mix it with a liquid, preferably milk as the natives of Peru do.


Maca is a general fortifier and there are no known harmful side effects with its intake so it can be taken by any healthy person without major concerns, however, its effects are also not as strong as the previous ones.

Maca can also be used by women to increase their sexual appetite, libido, and regulate their hormones.

4) – Eat lots of watermelons. This succulent fruit also has strong vasodilatory properties that provide blood flow increase in the genital zone and attainment of strong erections. It has in its composition strong concentrations of an amino acid called Citrinin that has a very similar effect to that of L-arginine, which allows the dilation of the blood vessels.

Watermelon is considered the best fruit when it comes to male sexual health and does not have any side effects, so you can eat it in abundance. There are no conclusive studies on how much of it takes to show good results but since it’s a tasty fruit, especially in summer, and it has no negative effects, one can eat as much as preferred.

5) – Eat raw garlic and onion. Although they are two very popular ingredients in our kitchens and in many meals, they’re almost always cooked before ingested and the heat causes a significant loss of its natural value.

Both are strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidants that allow better overall health and better blood flow but in order to get its maximum effect, you must ingest them raw as nature created them. For those who do not like their strong flavor can pair them with other foods such as bread or use them in fresh salads along with other vegetables that “mask” their quite unpleasant taste.

How to Increase Penis Size with lifestyle changes

How to Increase Penis Size with lifestyle changes
How to Increase Penis Size with lifestyle changes

Apart from these superfoods that you can ingest to increase the size of your penis, there are also certain eating and living habits that can help you reach your goal before long.

1) – Lead a healthy and balanced diet. Avoid fat red meats, pre-cooked meals and fast food and abuse all fruits and vegetables, preferably with strong colors. The darker vegetables are the better, especially greens and reds, such as turnip, kale, turnip greens, carrots, and tomatoes.

2) – Stop smoking and significantly reduce alcoholic beverages, especially the strong and clear. Wine, especially the red, which has strong antioxidant properties, is allowed.

3) – Exercise. A sedentary and basically seated life, at home, watching TV, at work and in the car is the worst thing you can do for your overall health and particularly sexual health.

Blood requires exercise and muscular activity for a strong flow. Man is not built for a seated life and the sedentary lifestyle is not only responsible for obesity as it is responsible for many of the sexual diseases that both men and women suffer.

In addition, constant and strong exercises will help you lose weight and achieve better erections that will lead to a natural increase in the size of the penis.

How to Increase Penis Size with Supplements

The supplements have several advantages over everything else when it comes to a quick and safe way to enlarge the penis.

All the ingredients and advice given above are efficient and you should follow them, but as already mentioned many of the herbs that can be used in penile growth are poisonous when ingested in high doses, and others (such as watermelon) that do not represent any danger requires high doses to show any effect.

In addition, some of the herbs used to enlarge the penis interfere with each other’s properties encouraging its effects. At the correct dosages this is beneficial, but at high doses, it can generate quite unpleasant side effects like diarrhea, dizziness, dry mouth and etc. or even become dangerous.

Penis increase supplements have the advantage of avoiding this. Firstly they are concentrated so it’s not necessary to swallow large amounts to get the desired effect, secondly, they are safe because their ingredients are combined into formulas in which the ingredients can interact with each other to offer maximum benefits without going so far as to cause dangerous side effects.

Lastly, because of their presentation (capsules, pills or tablets), they are easy to dose and take in any circumstance and anywhere. All you need to do to enlarge your penis safely is to take them twice a day and provoke some erections during the day, by masturbating, stroking or having sex so that its ingredients enter the penis through the force of erections and make the role for which they were designed.

The penis enlargement supplements are the only real easy, efficient and safe way to increase the penis size – two tablets a day, some erections to encourage the effect and is all you need.

The only risk that exists in supplements is that the vast majority of those out there are inefficient or counterfeit. Counterfeit medicines are dangerous because they not only damage your wallet as they can heavily damage your health. You have to be careful about what you buy and about what you take.

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