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Benefits Obtained with the Internet 5G

The fifth mobile internet generation (5G) of wireless broadband is the most recent advance in cellular technology, comparable only to the leap made by the 2G network (which only allowed voice and SMS) to the 3G network (which already allowed data / internet access).

However, 5G will greatly increase the speed and responsiveness of wireless networks and expand them to allow hundreds of thousands of connections at once. 5G offers higher capacity, higher data rates and much less latency – and will support more future innovations, creating a smarter, more digitally connected world.

The launch of 5G was officially planned for 2020, but although its development has been successful for some time, with many companies having already introduced the first versions of 5G devices, applications and networks for testing their application is lagging behind, mainly due to two factors.

  • The first has to do with the Corona virus that when infecting the world relegated to second place almost everything else.
  • The second has to do with the fact that the most developed operator in this technology, the Chinese Huawei, which according to the United States of America and many other countries, may be being used to introduce “trojans” in the western world to the Chinese government. These restrictions applied to Huawei led to a significant delay in its implementation, as the second most developed in this technology are the South Koreans, but with a significant delay.

For these reasons, it may still take a few years before we see the full potential and benefits of the 5G network operating worldwide.

The main advantages of 5G internet network

1. Connect vehicles remotely

advantages of 5G internet
advantages of 5G internet

With 5G comes unprecedented speed and connectivity. The connectivity and instantaneous transition speed that will allow cars in the near future to become autonomous, or be self-directed.

5G internet networks have what it takes to enable faster than ever communication and data processing between vehicles, networks, infrastructures and even pedestrians with smartphones.

In other words, 5G networks will facilitate communication between everything on the, allowing that the tests with autonomous cars to go into real life as soon as the different countries pass laws to that effect.

2. Improving services with Smartphones

Big changes are on the horizon for smartphones. Smartphones equipped with this 5G technology will soon become the norm. The main advantage of 5G over the current 4G for users is better coverage, i.e. signals will reach places previously difficult to access, outside large population areas, with guaranteed connection as part of service plans. In addition, subscribers will finally have the extraordinary quality they expect on their devices, with possible downloads at incredible speed.

In addition, smartphones will now be allowed to control almost all devices that are connected to the network, from cars, to household appliances and even industrial machinery.

3. Streaming and entertainment

virtual reality
virtual reality

5G offers a remarkable advantage over previous technologies in the entertainment business, with virtually unlimited capacity and very short delay times. In addition to better quality and considerably faster data flow, 5G promises revolutionary immersive experiences, including multi-sensory digital content thanks to increased capacity that will support technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D.

Online gaming between portable consoles has become one of the biggest benefits in the entertainment business.

4. Benefits in the health area

It is a fact. The more connected medical devices and mobile devices that are implemented in hospitals, the more we are overloading our healthcare IT infrastructures. These days it is impossible to go much further in certain services, such as remote surgeries.

Many communication leaders see the high bandwidth, real-time 5G technology and lower latency access as powerful new technology resources that are needed to expand the capabilities of healthcare applications and the operation of medical devices, robotics and mobile devices that will allow them to remotely operate surgical devices anywhere on the planet without the need for a surgeon present.

Some say that 5G technology will be transformative in healthcare new technologies. Others say it will not be geographically transportable enough to achieve the high goals promised by telecom companies. But that it will be a high jump in the potential for developing new technologies in healthcare is a real fact.

The advantages and the danger are real

The implementation of the 5G internet has been producing many expectations, but finally we are starting to see the first research and development bear fruit. The 5G Internet should be implemented in all major cities before the end of 2021.

This new technology promises to change our lives by connecting everything around us to a network 100 times faster than our cellular connection and 10 times faster than our faster fixed bandwidth home service.

advantages of 5G internet
advantages of 5G internet

The advantages of 5G internet it’s not just about speed. While the switch from 3G to 4G was about faster connections, the evolution to 5G is much more than that. The combination of speed, responsiveness and range could unlock all the capabilities of other hot trends in technology, offering a boost to self-directed cars, drones, virtual reality, medical devices and devices used in future spacecraft.

The enormous capacity of the 5G network will provide in relation to the now existing 4G technology will open the doors to a completely new capacity of communication and automation, especially at the robotics level.

We can only hope that it will bring us benefits and not disasters, because with this technology the control of many vital companies, as well as essential goods to human wellbeing, becomes more easily accessible to hackers who can access and control really dangerous things.

The world will change… and although technology is not to blame, knowing humanity, we hope that this new technology will not bring us cyber-attacks that put the world in potential and real danger to our lives.

5G represents an aggravation of security threats in part because it makes available a greater number of attack vectors that can be exploited by hackers. Being specially designed to support a greater number of devices connected at the same time, each one expands the attack surface from which hackers can work. Billions of intelligent devices are expected to connect to 5G networks, and only a small fraction of these have security features that go beyond the simples password.5G can offer citizens an incredibly fast Internet that does not depend of cables. However, the only thing many people miss in preparing for this future is that with good comes evil. So let’s not forget that with innovation comes the opportunity for exploitation. The way we are prepared for this can decide the success or failure of 5G as something positive in our lives.